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Pipette Calibration

Pipette Calibration

Bio-Tech Lab Services offers on-site and in lab pipette calibration services using gravimetric methods for testing of volumetric dispensing devices with single and multi-channel configurations. These units are calibrated in a controlled laboratory environment. All pipette calibrations are performed in compliance with ISO 8655. All equipment used is NIST Traceable.

  • - Leak Check

  • - As Found & As Left Data

  • - Calibration Adjustments

  • - O-Rings & Seals

Pipette calibration on-site mail-in
Pipette repair
  • All channels of multi-channel pipettes are calibrated for GLP/GMP Services

  • NIST Traceable documentation with "As Found" and "As-Left" data

  • Quality review of all pipette calibration reports

  • Electronic pipette reports stored in our database for easy look-up

  • All major pipette manufacturers serviced

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